6m, 2w,

and a corps de ballet…

In the early 1960s, Robert Joffrey and his partner Gerald Arpino have started a radical new kind of ballet company: the first fully American company that incorporated modern-dance elements into a classical repertoire. But funding is impossible to get for a young company that won't perform the stolid old white ballets. A chance meeting between Joffrey and eccentric oil heiress Rebekah Harkness seems the answer to the company's financial woes... but how much will Ms. Harkness want in return? A true story of the evergreen conflict between artists and patrons, the partnership between Robert Joffrey and Rebekah Harkness, and their very public parting of ways only a few years later, rocked the concert dance world and threw ballet into the national spotlight.

2016 Reading, Tom Kirdahy Productions

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