a play titled after

the collective noun FOR

female-identifying 20-somethings

living in nyc in the 2010s.

3w, 1m or nonbinary

Shirin is working on a book about post-Occupy Wall Street grassroots movements, while trying not to succumb to anxiety attacks over the state of the world. CJ is a public defender navigating our utterly fucked up judicial system, while trying to find time for a meaningful personal life. Elizabeth needs to finish college and figure out what to do next. Oh, also, there's a mysterious bug infestation in the kitchen and Shirin might be considering... organized religion? Hashtag Millennials, amirite? A PLAY TITLED AFTER... is a play for anyone who may be new to civil disobedience, protesting, or activism; a battle cry for those who find themselves awakening to a world order that will remain profoundly unjust unless each person commits to radically re-envisioning what it means to be a citizen.

2019, Corkscrew Festival, Premiere, dir. Lauren Zeftel

2018, THML Theatre Company, 28-hour reading, dir. Lauren Zeftel

2017, Play Date at Pete’s, dir. Logan Reed

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